About Us

Rey’s Cleaners is Putney’s most reliable and cost efficient cleaning company that is currently operating in the area. Our team consists of highly educated, well equipped and motivated professionals who have lots of experience in handling projects of all natures and size, which comes to designate only one thing – you can count on them completely in any situation.  All that you have to do is give us a call and tell us what you want. Then we will take it up from there. Our cleaners in Putney will come to your place to do the job exactly when it is going to be most comfortable for you,  they will complete it on time and be on their way. What you are going to be help with is a clean, disinfected and de-cluttered property for you to enjoy.

At Rey’s Cleaners we take great pride in the attitude we show towards our clients. We stick to a very strict business ethic. We work in a discreet and efficient manner, and leave you no worries about a single thing. Our list of cleaning services is long and comprehensive. A solution to all your problems awaits you there. Check it out, pick out the service that is up to your requirements and needs, and give us a call.

We offer you great results, but also a very flexible schedule and competitive prices. We estimate the cost of every job in accordance to a special custom pricing system that takes into account the individual specifications of the project. Upon contact you are going to receive a free quote that you will find really attractive. But what is more important is that the price you are told in advance will be the price to see on your bill upon completion of your cleaning project.